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Aida Partida Collin:  See message in Guestbook.

Gonzalo Morales: Greetings to all. I am hoping to establish the record of being from the earliest class to sign up at this great website. Thank you Linda for creating such a wonderful medium for our communications. (Your welcome!) Email Gonzalo at mailto:moralesgood@hotmail

Manuel Gonzalez: Lives in either Weslaco or Mercedes and owns a packing company.

Thomas Mendez: Possibly is an attorney.

Kathy Garza Kimball: Kathy is living in Phoenix, Arizona where she works as a realtor. She's looking forward to retiring soon to Prescott, Arizona. Email Kathy at

J. Dwayne Redding: Dwayne is currently living in White Bluff, TX which is near Whitney. He is a retired band director from Wichita Falls and teaches band at Covington for a half day. Email Dwayne at

Delia (Loya) Lopez: Delia is living in Mesquite, Texas and would love to hear from all her friends. Email Delia at or

Joe Choate: Joe is living in Houston and has been working at the Johnson Space Center since 1967. He hopes to retire in the next few years unless he wins the lottery first! Email Joe at

Alice Lookingbill Richardson: Alice is living in Longview and has two daughters and 3 grandchildren. She would love to hear from her fellow classmates so email her at