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Linda Stafford Snyder:  I currently live in Goliad, TX and have been happily married for 15 years after having been divorced for 17. We live on a small farm and I raise donkeys.  I have a son, Shawn.  My hobbies are painting, creating web pages and other 'girlie' things.  Visit my homepage, My Home Sweet Texas, when you get the chance.  Email me at

Sue Brashear Hanisco:  Sue has been happily married to the same man for over 30 years and has a son and daughter.  She's currently living in Pennsylvania. Update: Sue and Joe are retired now and burning up the highways in their motorhome traveling all over the United States!  Email Sue at

Steve Bentsen:  Steve is a veterinarian in McAllen and has also become a very successful photographer.  He has a son and daughter.  Email Steve at

Wayne Adams: See Wayne's message in the Guestbook.

Oscar & Jannette (Adams) Jackson: Oscar and Jannette have just recently moved back to Texas after being in Kansas for a number of years. Email them at

Connie Edgemon: I'm still at Big Spring State Hospital but no longer function as a psychologist. I'm the Director of Information Management (big title, lots of little scut jobs). My son is playing tennis--watch for him on the pro circuit someday (he says) and he is a very accomplished pianist. Email Connie at

Gerald Murden & Beverly Shull Murden: Gerald and Beverly have been married for 34 years. Beverly is a Special Ed teacher in LaVilla and Gerald sells machine tools and industrial supplies. Email them at

Carolyn (Fry) Taylor: Carolyn and her husband have now retired...Larry after 35 years and Carolyn after 32. They have 3 granddaughters from their youngest son, James, and a grandson by their oldest son, Clayton, but are expecting a new grandbaby in August. Carolyn says being a grandmom is the best thing thats ever happened to her. She enjoys playing competitive tennis and Larry enjoys fishing with the brother-in-laws. Carolyn made a notation that she loves to can anyone from the Class of 1965 disagree with that?? :-) Email Carolyn at

Cynthia (Odom) Hollon: Cynthia is married to Bill Hollon and they have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. They live in Weslaco. Cynthia would love to hear from all her classmates so email her at

Maria Luisa Cruz-Sanchez: Maria is living in Weslaco. Email her at

Lynda Kay Bowers Curl: Lynda and her husband, Tom, are living in Brookfield, Wisconsin but her car license plate reads TEX GIRL! Way to go, Lynda!! She would love to hear from everyone so please email her at

Eloy Gonzalez: Eloy is living in La Blanca, TX and sure would like our class to have a reunion (me too Eloy!). He would love to hear from fellow classmates so email him at

Geri Giese Sell: Geri is living in Missouri and is already a great-grandmother! She would love to hear from her classmates so please email her at

Jody Draughon: Jody married Karen Guest and they have been happily married for 35 years. They have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. Jody is retired and living in Hondo, Texas. He and Karen enjoy getting out and about in their motorhome fishing and hunting. Email him at