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David Garza:  David currently lives in Pearland, TX with his wife of 31 years.  He has been so wonderful in giving me in-put for this site and I can't thank him enough!  I will be adding information he has sent me but I can't put down the email addresses until I am personally contacted which I'm sure you can understand.  But! You can at least get some information on your classmates as to what they've been up to.  Please check the guestbook for David's personal entry. Visit David's homepage at   Email him at

Evelyn Blair:  Is living in Dallas and was a nurse.

Araceli Cadena: Is in Edinburg and was working for Embassy Suites in McAllen.

Augustine Capello: Is in Harlingen and has a pharmacy.

Janet Carlson: Is in San Antonio and was a principal at a school there.

Camilo Carranza: Was in West Texas working for the railroad.

Kathy Cassidy:  Is living in Dallas (?).

Joe Closner: Possibly still lives in Elsa working for CP&L.

Candace Coffin: Is in Corpus Christi working in real estate.

Deanne Dixon: Is a librarian in Buda, TX (outside Austin).

Tommy Elliott: Is a Methodist minister in Mission, Texas.

Ruben Escamilla: Was a school principal in Weslaco, then in LaVilla.

Dennis Farias: Was a policeman in Chicago (possibly retired recently).

Luis Garay: Is in Elsa and a teacher (?).

Eloy Garza: Is in Elsa and a teacher at Edcouch Elsa High School.

Isabel Garza: Is in Elsa.

Omero Garza: Teaches school and is in Mercedes (?).

Vaita Garza: Was in New Mexico with her husband who was in the military.

Mary Gomez: Living in the Valley (?).

Homer Gonzalez: Is in Florida and is an engineer.

Rosalinda Gonzalez: Lives in Sugarland.

Diana Guerra:  Lives in Pearland.

Ismael Gutierrez: Works for the Border Patrol in Rio Grande City.

Patsy (Gutierrez) Luitjen: Patsy left Mitsubishi in August 2002 to accept a position with Thionville Surveying Co. as a manager. Her new company is located in Deer Park. Email Patsy at

Macon Hughes: Coaches in Tomball, TX (Houston area).

Kathy Klopek: Lives in the Dallas area.

Espiridion Leal: Is a Sargeant in the Harlingen Police Department.

Mario Leal: Lives in San Antonio.

Fernando Livas: Was coaching at EEHS but lived in Edinburg.

Joe Loe: Lives in Houston.

Mary Lou Loe: Lives in Houston and is retired from Eastern Airlines.

Raudel Lopez: Lives in Elsa.

Joe Martinez: Lives in Elsa.

John Nattinger:  Is an agent with the DEA in Washington, D.C.

Cesar Ramirez: Lives in Houston.

James Richardson:  Was a principal in Bastrop, TX.

Lupita Rivera: Lives in Pearland, TX.

Armando Salinas:  Teaches at EEHS and lives in Elsa.

Gilbert Salinas: Works for the Texas Workforce Commission in McAllen (?).

Linda (Barker) Beebe: Linda is now living in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She didn't graduate from EEHS choosing to get married instead. Later on she did finish her education and now has her own business. Visit her website at Moon-n-Star to see what she's got going....very nice! She would love to hear from ya'll. Email Linda at

Margarita (Rivera) Gonzalez: Margarita is living in Elsa and says she's proud to still be living there. She has worked for the Edcouch-Elsa ISD for 23 years as a migrant clerk. She and her husband, Juan, have been married for 32 years and have 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren. Email Margarita at

Andy Salinas: Andy is living in Irving, TX and would like to hear from his friends. Email Andy at PANCHOUSMC@AOL.COM.

Karen Guest Draughon: Karen and Jody have been happily married for 35 years and have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. They are both retired and enjoy getting out in their motorhome fishing and hunting. Karen also has a woodworking hobby. They currently live in Hondo, Texas. Email Karen at