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Mark Bentsen:  I have lived in Austin for 20 years.  I have worked for a wholesale nursery for 25 years.  After 47 years as a bachelor, I got married about 3 years ago to Sharyn (Anthony) Stephens from Edinburg.  (Ironic that our first date was in 1971, second date in 1992 to my 25 year high school reunion).  One step-daughter, Stephanie who got married in August 1999.   Email Mark at:

Yolanda Garza Rodriguez: Yolanda is now living in Edinburg, TX. Email her at

Maria Elena Moreno (Escobar): Maria was having problems with Bravenet's forms so I'm going to share her email with you all. She and her husband have been married 32 years and are living in Miami, FL. They have 4 children: Angela was a Miami Dolphin's cheerleader for 2 years and a cheerleader for the Miami Heat Basketball team for 1 year. She has her masters in psychology and works at a high school counseling the kids with problems. Arlene is a Paramedic/Rescue in Miami and has made the front cover of the Firefighters/Paramedics calendar. Alex has a bachelor's degree in Criminalogy and is a police officer. The "baby" of the family is 15 and is in high school honor classes as well as being Sophomore Class President, cheerleader and many more activities. Can you tell that Maria is justifiably proud of her family??!! Maria worked at a well known bank and went from being a teller to VP-Branch Manager. She then changed careers and became a Law Enforcement Officer for the County and has been a correctional officer for 12 years. She says she misses everyone from E-E and would love to hear from everybody. Email Maria at

Donald E. Redding: Donald and his wife of 22 years, Linda, are living in Chapparal, NM. He has left his address and phone number in the guestbook for those wishing to talk with him. Email Donald at

Amelia Lopez: Amy and her husband, Mike Marroquin, still live in the Delta area. They have 2 daughters and one grandson. Amy is completing her 27th year at the R.B. Carter Insurance Agency. She says she still looks the same except for salt 'n pepper hair now. Email Amy at