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Michelle Acevedo Castellanos:   Hello to everyone who graduated in 1984.  Email Michelle at

Teresa (DeWitt) Woodard: Teresa is living in Fort Worth, has three children, a great job and loves living in Fort Worth. Email her at

Eliborio (Eli) Beltran: Eli is living in Elsa and says, "Que Onda, everyone!" He's spearheading their 20 year class reunion for 2004 and is looking for their class officers as well as anyone who would like to help out. Email Eli at

Adelia Lira: Hi to all those that remember me. I've been a Seattlite for 16 years now so I don't get to see everyone too often. I make frequent visits but usually hang with the old gang. Would love to see everyone (shout out to Korina, Cindy P. and my band cohorts) and will keep my fingers crossed that we will get to have a 20th, especially since we didn't get our 10th. Email her at

Arlin (Garcia) Wherry: Arlin is currently residing in Del Rio, Texas and wishes everyone the best. Email Arlin at