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The Echo

Okay, let's have some fun now!   Remember....I'm counting on all ya'll to put in some input here.  Otherwise, you're going to have to read just the plain ole stuff that I type!  I'm not sure what the school newspaper is called now but in my day it was called "The Echo"; hence, the name of this page!

Do You Remember When???

Our good alma mater did not have a barbed wire fence around it?

When the Donna Redskins came to our school one night in the 60's and burned "Donna" in the grass on OUR side of the football field??  As I recall, that was one of the few times we beat them!

King Moss was principal of the high school?  Just a personal note here....I'm still mad at him.  He called me a clown because I was wearing make-up!

The high school annual was called La Avispa??  I think it's called something else now.

The school dances in the gymnasium?   I remember when Freddy Fender played once! He'd probably like to forget those days....hehehe.

Western Days??  Those were so much fun and probably the only time girls could wear jeans to school!

The car washes??  Those of us who didn't have a driver's license yet were not allowed to get behind the steering wheel at all even if the car was only going to be driven 6 feet.  Hmmmmm.....think those upper classmen pulled a fast one on us!

Potter's Drug Store??  Mr. Potter made the best tuna salad sandwiches and he was so nice when we discovered we had forgotten our lunch money.  We just paid the next day!

Mildred Malone's Edsel??   I swear she could get at least 10 girls in there at lunch time!  Reckon she still has it???!!!

Favorite teachers like:  Coach Guess, Coach Gainley, Mrs. Schmidt (English), Miss Garcia (typing), Mr. Reynolds (drivers ed) and Mr. Choate (algebra). Of course, there were many more.  I have to take a moment also and honor Miss Jennings who was my 1st and 2nd grade teacher!

Making sure that you wore at least two football ribbons, the great pep rallies and the school spirit shown between classes in the hall on Friday's??

Some 'smarty' who knew you didn't really lock your locker with your combination lock and would lock it for you.....backwards??  That was especially fun if you had a bottom locker!

Cruising 'round and 'round the Bronco in Weslaco??  I bet I wasted a hundred gallons of gas doing that!

I think I only have to say:   "Wes-Mer Drive In".  Memories, anybody?? hehehehehe

Okay.......ya'lls turn!  Drop me a note ( ) with your favorite memories!

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