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The Echo

I Remember When...

David Garza, Class of 1966:

How about the pep squad...for boys?  We used to dress up in white shirts and black pants.  We were suppose to be there to protect the girl pep squad, from what I recall.  We would sit around the whole group of girls, kind of horseshoe style.

That David Vera was the leader.  His girlfriend was Mireya Castillo, who was one of the cheerleaders.  I thought she was so cool even though she was a few years older than me.  Well, David and Mireya married and live in Austin.  I married and named my first daughter Mireya...after you know who.  Well, many, many years later it turns out that David and Mireya Vera are very good friends of my cousin in Austin and that is when history met the future.  I had the opportunity to introduce my daughter, Mireya, to Mireya Castillo Vera.  It was really neat.

Although I remember Potter's Drugstore, I recall Ben Zamora's Drugstore too.  The cherry cokes...and all the lucky kids with their brand new Mustang Fords and some of us driving $40 cars.  Only difference was that our cars were paid for!

I do recall the Wes Mer in Mercedes.  One time I took a young lady from Mercedes to the Wes Mer...when we returned home, we were shocked to find out that her parents had been there too and wanted to discuss the movie.   It was hard to explain that you can't see a movie through foggy windows!

How many of you recall the opening of the former new Post Office?  I recall the EEHS Yellow Jacket band playing...or was I just dreaming??

The world is very,  very small.  I served as a medic in the Air Force (71-75).  I was stationed at George AFB in California.  We were administering the F-4 Phantom pilots their overseas shots just before they were to leave.  Guess who I got to "shoot"??  None other than Jeffery Moddle, Class of 1967.  I kind of recall that he made it back safely.   I wonder where he is today?

How about the Comeback Yellow Jacket team of 1966??  We lost all our non-conference football games.  Coach Kacktik made us practice twice a day, seven days a week.  We won the 4 conference games and went on to lose against Bishop in Semi-District.  That was one of my saddest days in my life as I saw the clock run down and I realized that I would never play or sit on the bench again.

I recall graduation night very clearly.   What was sad about that day was there were some people I never saw again....after spending so many years together like a family.

How many remember the "sock hops" after the home football games?  I don't know how I ever got through that without learning to dance!  I must now apologize to all those girls whose feet I stomped on....I did not really learn to dance until I met my wife and I found out that was her favorite past time.

Do any of you recall Mr. White predicting the next war in a little unknown place called Viet Nam? That was in 1960 when I was in the 6th grade.

I'll never forget the "annual staff parties" at Mrs. Sorensen's house.  We did something totally uncommon in the Hispanic culture....we pulled taffy!  That would be like the party being held at my house and we all sat around making tamales.

Enough memories for today.  I hope, like Linda says, that many more of you will send in your memories.

Omar Hinojosa, Class of 1992:

One of my favorite memories is the pride that I felt marching around the field just before every football game.  As a part of the E-E band, that was a ritual!