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WOW! Look At Us Now!!


Class of 1966 - Reunion in 1996

class66reunion2.JPG (48124 bytes)

Top Left:  Harold Dean Griswold, David Garza, Armando Salinas, Espiridion Leal, Reynaldo Garza, Kip Harbison, Andy Salinas, Eloy Garza, Homer Gonzalez ********* Middle Row L-R:  Ruben Escamilla, Reymundo Castellanos, Cesar Ramirez, Carolina Salinas, Santos Medina, Vaita Garza, Joe Rene Closner, Manuel Salinas, Dennis Farias *********
Bottom Left:  Kathy Klopek, Patricia Shull, Kathy Cassidy, Mary Yarrito, Elma Portales, Mary Gomez, Patsy Gutierrez, Elvia Portales, Estela Bernal


Class of 66 - Military Veteran's

eehsvets1.JPG (16436 bytes)

Standing:  David Garza, Cesar Ramirez, Andy Salinas, Reynaldo Garza, Dennis Farias
Kneeling:  Ramiro Rosa, Rene Closner, Fernando Livas
Kip Harbison (retired Army) is not pictured.

I want to thank David Garza for sending me these pictures to share with everyone. I also want to give a great big cheer to our Veteran's........thank you!!!!

If anyone would like to share pictures, I would love to put them up.  You can either send them to me by email attachment ( ) or email me for my address and you can snail mail them to me.  I will return your photo's and you don't even have to send a stamp!  It would be so much fun to see how we have improved throughout the years :-)