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Hello all you fellow, former Yellow Jackets!  I'm so glad you made it to the unofficial homepage of ole EE High.

My name is Linda Stafford Snyder from the Class of 1965.  Even though I'm creating this site, it won't be successful without a lot of help from all of you.  This site will be for all classes of graduates from our school but not excluding those who attended but graduated elsewhere.   I think coming from a small town it is easy to lose touch with our classmates so hopefully this site will reunite lost friendships.  Please feel free to email me anything you want to add, incorrect information I may have included or suggestions to include something I may be neglecting.

If you're a little shy (a Yellow Jacket shy???), please at least sign the guestbook and let the rest of us know you visited!  And, bookmark this site right now before you forget so you can visit often.

At one point I had put up a message that I could no longer accept class links due to time restrictions but in light of the tragedy of September 11, 2001 I will continue to work on this site!! The only thing I am going to do after much consideration is to stop adding classes after the Class of 1999. Some of you younger Yellow Jackets will have to take up the cause and create a new site for classes starting in 2000 and thereafter.

PLEASE NOTE: For personal reasons, I will no longer maintain this site as of September 4, 2005. I will leave it as it stands but will make no additions or changes. Please feel free to continue using the Guestbook and the bulletin board.

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